part of me is made of glass

And also, I love you.

Rosewater, diaper smell. Use your illusion. Speak in tongue and cheek. Hey girlfriend detox. I’m in my kraut box, held up here in my ink penitentiary. Kinda starving and kinda bloated. My water broke. Selling my body of water every night in a full house. Sell out in dark in bed, missing you more than an Air Supply song. Doll steak. Well done. Your milk is so warm. Your milk is my shit. My shit is your milk. I have a small man’s complexion. I’m speechless, I’m toothless. You pull wisdom from my teeth. My mom is the tooth fairy. You give me birth and dentures and fangs. I love you more than the tooth fairy.

-  A letter Kurt wrote to Courtney in 1992 (via ekstaas)

(via ekstaas)


I’m gonna make like a sunflower and grow towards light.

(via loveyourchaos)